Wind TunneL Testing at ROBOTICON

Students in Kindergarten through 12th grade competed at ROBOTICON in Tampa and visited the wind tunnel booth hosted by Andretti FAST TRACK and STEMWERX. Students learned the physics concepts behind front end splitters and rear wing assemblies. Then they analyzed the data by comparing the drag, downforce and aerodynamic efficiency between a 3D printed Nascar, Indy race car and sports car. Learning physics and aerodynamics by examining downforce and drag in auto racing, is a fun way to be introduced to force diagrams and data analysis.

Engineering Design Workshop

STEMWERX worked with UWF’s Sea3d lab to pilot a workshop entitled Engineering Design: Aerodynamics of Race Cars. Guest Speaker Dr. Ken Blackburn, Aerodynamics Engineer and Guinness Book World Record holder for longest sustained paper airplane flight, presented aerodynamic concepts and discussed specific features of race cars that contribute to downforce and drag.

Aerodynamics in Motorsports Summer Camp

Students at this one-week camp designed their own race cars and competed for the most efficient design by measuring drag and downforce during wind tunnel testing. These 7thand 8th grade created their designs in Tinkercad and Autodesk program. College summer interns from Carnegie Melon and University of New Mexico as well as a high school student who will be starting at Georgia Tech in the Fall of 2018, were heavily involved in the curriculum developed and delivered at this camp.


Katie Smilovski, Fluid Dynamics Engineer and former designer for Ford GT prototype race cars with Multimatic

Ricky _ Jordan Taylor Visit-29.jpg

Max Angelelli, co-owner of the Wayne Taylor Racing Team, with 27 career victories in auto racing

Ricky and Jordan Taylor, 2017 Champions of the International Motor Speedway Association, WeatherTech Sportscar Championship

Ken Blackburn, Air Force Research Lab Aerodynamics Engineer and author of The World Record, Air Plane Book



Interns Ryan Murphey and Jasmin Regalado – Wind tunnel instruction

Our staff and associates have mentored AFRL Scholars for four summer sessions. We also established the internship programs at SOFWERX in Tampa in 2015 and the AFWERX Innovation Hub in Las Vegas in 2018. Engineering design blogs are required in order to journal project progress.

FIRST® Robotics


Elizabeth coached three FIRST® LEGO® League teams School Year 2013-2014 & 2014-2015.In 2015, FIRST® invited her to serve as FIRST® LEGO® League Partner for the 16 counties in the Florida – Northwest region. During the next two years, Elizabeth managed the tournament series for region and was a lead trainer for coaches. She was also very active encouraging teachers and coaches at all grade levels with mentorship and providing resources. She also served on the FIRST® Florida State Operating Committee and State tournament operations.

Virtual Reality

Atom Builder Game: Created by Beth Hanning

VR is an excellent tool for learning complex concepts in math and science. Check out my blog about a project where participants could view a virtual periodic chart, then move sub-atomic particles (protons, neutrons & electrons) to build an atom!