Meet the Owners

STEMWERX mobile education lab is operated by Beth and Todd Hanning. Beth, 0.jpegwith a BS in Electrical Engineering and Masters in Instructional Design, has spent her career of over 18 years working in advanced technology for the United States Air Force, industry, education institutions, and Doolittle Institute supporting Air Force Research Lab in promoting STEM activities in the Southeast United States.

IMG_0549Todd was a career USAF acquisition officer developing the most advanced technology imagined.  After several years in the unmanned aircraft industry post retirement, he helped found US Special Operations Command’s innovation lab SOFWERX in Tampa Florida as well as design and build the USAF AFWERX innovation hub in Las Vegas. 

Both are avid motorsports fans and seek to leverage that passion to inspire students to seek technical careers in the motorsports and aerospace industry.  Beth leads STEM workshops, develops STEM- based curriculum, and writes children’s STEM novels.  Todd leads university partnerships, designs our mobile lab experience, and runs event logistics.