Ethan Hadorff

At STEMWERX, we encourage students to become involved in paid or voluntary project-based apprenticeships and internships. These relationships with industry are valuable growth experiences that teach students about critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.

The STEMWERX staff have mentored over 50 high-school and college interns in the last decade. Visit this page often to find view their stories about their past projects and where they are now.


I first interned at the Okaloosa STEMM Academy with Beth Hanning in 2016, where I was introduced to the basics of computer-aided design and LEGO robotics. Under Beth’s guidance, I successfully printed my first 3D project, an iPad charging station. I also helped lead Doolittle Institute’s Summer Camps, coaching middle schoolers on gear systems and simple 3D printing techniques.

Through 2018, I began facilitating, developing, prototyping, and testing 3D animation projects and LEGO robotics. I coordinated and helped manage FIRST Robotics camps which included planning, overseeing, and maintaining robot specifications and troubleshooting problems during live events.

My internship with Mrs. Hanning was an invaluable and amazing experience. As a sophomore mechanical engineering student at the University of Florida, I use CAD programs such as Solidworks and OnShape on a regular basis. My internship experience has provided me an advantage over my peers, making applications to LEGO robotics in college much more effortless and fun.

I am currently applying for an internship at the Air Force Research Laboratory, a branch of the Doolittle Institute. The leadership skills, the knowledge gained, and the engineering programs I’ve learned are all because of my time spent interning with Beth Hanning. I’m so grateful for the opportunities provided and the confidence it built in me as an engineering student.


Thank you,
Ethan Haddorff